Event History

Event History

The first Truck Meet was held in 2014 in Daytona Beach with a simple aim… to provide a space for truck guys and gals to gather once a year to show off their pride and joy.

Originating online through connections made on the official @truck_fever instagram page, the first truck meet in 2014 drew over 500 trucks from all over the Southeastern United States. These truck enthusiasts gathered along the shoreline in Daytona Beach.

After the 2014 beach meet, there was an explosion of social media hype. This additional exposure helped attract the over 35,000 trucks flooding the sands and streets of Daytona in 2015.

The Truck Meet only continued to gain attention to truck enthusiasts around the country and in 2016 there were over 8,000 trucks in town for the “Daytona Truck Meet”.

It had become clear in 2016 that our social media fueled event needed to create an officially sanctioned event with the City of Daytona Beach. So we moved the event indoors into the Volusia County Ocean Center right across from the beach. No one, including the County, was prepared for the number of truck enthusiasts that would attend the 2017 event. With additional marketing and the inclusion of industry leading vendors, there was over 10,000 trucks in the Daytona area; with over 1,000-registered show trucks, 50 vendors and 10,000+ spectators, we far exceeded the Ocean Centers capacity.

To keep up with the growth of the official Daytona Truck Meet event, the show was moved to the Daytona International Speedway in 2018, home of some of the largest events in the country. Our expectations were exceeded again with thousands of registered show trucks, 25,000+ spectators and 100s of vendors.
The event continued to grow year after year eventually drawing over 2 miles of Vendor Booths, 5,000 Show Trucks and almost 50,000 Spectators in 2021!
In 2022, the City of Daytona Beach requested that the Daytona Truck Meet no longer return to their city. Our team worked countless hours working with venues all around the state of Florida and finally landed on the Homestead-Miami Speedway to host the newly rebranded Florida Truck Meet. The Homestead-Miami Speedway and the surrounding area have shown great interest and enthusiasm for the Florida Truck Meet!

We are excited to explore a new location and continue to grow into a great, long-lasting event that will continue to be a staple in the Show Truck Community.